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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

GenFriends: Conference Keeper- A Tool for Every Genealogist with Tami Osmer Mize

In this episode, Tami Osmer Mize joins us to talk about Conference Keeper.
 A website dedicated to placing genealogy conferences, events, webinars, scholarships, contests and more in one easy to find spot!

Tami tells us how the website came to be and shows us how to navigate the site to get the information we are looking for.

She also shares her appreciation for Conference Keeper receiving the Seton Shields Genealogy Grant from Meagan Smolenyak Smolenyack.

If you belong to a Genealogy Society or other organization that has events or programs you would like to promote, this is the site for you. 
Using the submission form it's easy to add it to the calendar.
Looking for an event? Just click on the map and see what is going on in the area!

For those looking to speaking opportunities, there is a tab to show the current "Calls for Papers"

Want to know when and where to find genealogy conferences? 
There's a page for that too!

Did you know there are scholarships and contests to help you pay for the cost of Conferences and Institutes? Click on the link to see what's available!

Tami also has plans to add more content in the future. 
She's looking to add a Genealogy Education tab.

Watch as GenFriends welcomes Tami and see why Conference Keeper is truly a tool for every genealogist!

Conference Keeper is definitely a go-to site for those of us on the panel.
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Links in this episode:
Conference Keeper
Facebook/Conference Keeper
Tami Osmer Mize
Seton Shields Genealogy Grant

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Cheri Hudson Passey-Carolina Girl Genealogy

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

This Week On My Family History Calendar

January 5-January 11

January 6~
    Benjamin Reese Gibson (1824-1907) and Margaret Cantey (Walker) Gibson (1830-1900)my paternal  3rd great grandparents were married in Clarendon County, South Carolina 172 years ago. He was 24 and she was 18.

January 8~

    Just two days after her 52 wedding anniversary, my paternal 3rd great grandmother, Margaret Cantey (Walker) Gibson (1830-1900) passed away. Margaret was 70 when she died 120 years ago in Clarendon County, South Carolina.

 January 9~

   My maternal great great grandparents, Manning David Dorrity, Sr. (1844-1918) and Mary Elizabeth (Stafford) Dorrity (1843-1930) were married 152 years ago.  They were married in Sumter County, South Carolina.  

Jan. 10-
 The 141st anniversary of the marriage of my paternal great great grandparents Arthur Wellington Baker (1857-1940) and Martha "Mattie" Victoria (Bradford) Baker (1952-1947). Arthur was 21 and Mattie was 16 when they married in Sumter County, SC. 

Who are you remembering this week?

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Celebration Sunday~Genealogy Happy Dance!

You know the dance. You know you've done it. The one every researcher does after finding something new. The one where you want to jump up and down and shout to everyone around that you found the document, contacted a cousin who has the family Bible, made a DNA connection or found a whole new branch to your tree. The one that is met with glazed stares and eye rolls.

                                                          Celebration Sunday is a place to share your discoveries. 
This is a weekly series to enable everyone to tell about their Genealogy Happy Dance moment. 

Share by scrolling down and adding your story to the comments section or you may also put a link to a blog post telling about what had you dancing this week.

Some of the class members for my Genealogy Workshop

My Happy Dance Moment for this week: 
I love teaching people to research!
Helping them climb their family tree is so much fun and rewarding!
This week I kicked off a three-part series at a local library to do just that!
There were 15 people who attended the workshop! 
Their homework is to come prepared with a research plan based on a research question.
Can't wait to help them find answers!

What had you doing the Happy Dance this week?


                                                                                              Share your discovery!
                                                                                         Let the dancing commence!

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Looking forward to reading about your Happy Dance moment!

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