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"Who were their people? My grandmother used to ask. She wanted to know family connections.
Like her, I want to know "My People". This blog is about that discovery and helping others discover theirs.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Week On My Family History Calendar

April 27-May 3

April 28~
 My Paternal Great Great Grandfather, Arthur Wellington Baker (1857-1940), was born in Sumter County, SC 157 years ago. He was the son of Alpheus J. Baker (1824-1917) and Mary Ellen Jones (1826-1865).

Beulah Mae Price Roberts (1897-1980), my maternal Great Grandmother, would be celebrating her 117th birthday. She was the daughter of Bertrand Campbell Price (1876-Unkown) and Bessie Mae Eargle (1884-1943). Beulah was born in Bath, Aiken County, SC.

April 30~
 My paternal 5th Great Grandfather, John Dargan (1747-1817), was born in Sumter County, SC 265 years ago. He was the son of John Dargan (1726-1766) and Mary Strother (1772-1822).
 Are we kin? Please contact me. Let's work together to find our people!

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