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Monday, January 9, 2017

Mailbox Monday~Letters from Mattie-Part 3

Kate and Jimmy Ryan
Recipients of letters from Mattie

Letter number 3 in the series of letters written by my 2nd Great Grandmother, Martha "Mattie" Victoria (Bradford) Baker (1862-1947)  to her daughter Kathryn (Kate) Louise (Baker) Ryan (1898-1987) while she and her husband Jimmy were living in North Carolina.  It was most likely written in 1925 like those in Mailbox Monday~Letters from Mattie-Part 1 and Part 2.
This letter has been transcribed using the same spelling, grammar, and punctuation as Mattie used. There are also a few words written twice. 
 No attempts have been made to correct these.  

                  Wednesday Night                                   

 Can you picture your old
Maw sitting here right by
my poor old lonesome
self every body done gone
to bed and it not 8 o'clock
yet Your Pa is sick enough
to he is but but won't 
give up. The horse stuck 
a nail in one of her
hine feet saturday 
am. he took her right 
to Dr. Moss and he has
been treating her ever
since he has her up
town she is so lame
she cant hardly walk

at all. Your Pa has worried
about her so. I think that
makes him really worse                       
than he would be the
Dr. said that it was his
kidneys and I am not                      
much better off my
self but I try to keep up
and doing as there is
no body else to do but
me only what little I 
can get out of Geo A.
Annie went to Ruths 
Sunday she took Mary
with her I miss the
little dear so I hate to


come in the house but
I hope and trust to my                          
good lord that she will
be in a better humor
when she comes back
Home for she has been
the crosser thing I have
ever seen since the event
happened I only wish
it had of happened 5 years 
ago I know that she would
have been better off a low
down Devil I hope I will
never hear of him again
I won't think the time 
long. Bess spent the day
home Sunday Troter
came with them she
seem to be such a nice


girl I was sure glad to
see them for Annie had
just gone and Geo a was   
up at Geo and oh my it
it was lonesome and
Meta grunting she is a
whole lot better but I
don't think that she will
ever do any thing else but
grunt as long as she has 
got me to wait on her
Kate I have got our
cards paid up to the 3
of this month the 2
you sent me first I 
paid it all on yours
for Bess gave me 250
so I paid 2 on me the
dollar that you sent


last I will put it on                                  
yours next week dont                          
you worry about mine
I will try and keep it
up if I have to sell butter eggs
how is that for a change
I was so glad to here that
Thelma was getting on so
good tell her to be smart
now and try and hold her
job. Geo came by a few
minutes to day on his
way up town said they
were all well. I have
not heard a word from
Annie as yet but if
that is the way she feels
about it it up to her
for I have not said


a word good nor bad 
well I know you will
get tired of I will close with
a heart full of love
for you reading this
mess love didy for me
now I will close with
a heart full of love
 for you 3. Night night    
   sweet dreams
  from your same
       old Maw
ps did you get your 

Mattie mentions her husband Paw-Arthur Wellington Baker (1857-1940), daughters Kate- Kathryn Louise (Baker) Ryan (1898-1987),  Annie -Annie Dargan (Baker) Parish (1895-1929), Meta-Armida Edna (Baker) Harris (1887-1926),  Ruth-Emma Ruth (Baker) Early (1901-1993) and Bess-Ella Fair (Baker) Wells (1889-1974), son Geo-George Alburtus Baker, Sr. (1880-1940),  Granddaughters Mary-Mary (Baker) Hudson (1920-2010), Thelma-Thelma Marion (Baker) Hendry (1907-1936), and Grandson Geo A- George Albertus Baker, Jr. (1910-1949). It is unknown at this time who the name 'didy' refers to. 

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  1. Those old letters are wonderful. A snapshot into their lives.

    1. I wish I had these letters when my Auntie Kate was still alive. I would love to know what was meant by "the event" and calling someone a Devil! Hahaha! I have an idea, but would love to have talked to her about it!